Frontend Developer (Svelte/SvelteKit)


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Frontend Developer (Svelte/SvelteKit)


In this role, you will be responsible for the maintenance of our existing frontend codebase and the implementation of any new features on the frontend. You will contribute to key architecture decisions and bring your experience working on both early-stage and mature projects.

You should possess an eye for design and have an understanding of what makes user experiences enjoyable and engaging.

You will lead on all aspects of frontend testing, and be responsible for automated end-to-end testing as well as functional and integration testing.

As a remote role, you have to be totally comfortable working both independently and to specific requirements as directed.

Typescript heavy…

You will be working on a high-performance, complex web application which will require you to understand and to solve interesting programming problems. As well as your design skills you will be a keen programmer with the ability to reason about complex systems and data intensive applications.

Working in a lean team…

As a lean team, the benefit is that you will be working directly with one of the Co-Founders of ApeSpace and our lead developer. This will include pair programming sessions and 

continuous feedback and communication. 

We give a lot of autonomy to our members, and it is vital that you are able to make timely and accurate decisions for yourself and communicate your needs to us, whilst also being able to work to requirements and deadlines.

This role has enormous potential for growth and there is scope for you to own the frontend as we grow as a company.

Although this role is remote, we want some working hours  cross-over with the team.  We are looking for people based within  GMT -/+ 3 (or equivalent if you are usually working early or late).

Interest in crypto/Web3…

Ideally, you will have an existing interest in cryptocurrency and Web3, but the role does not require any history of professional work in this area.  Similarly, you will have an interest in working with complex and rapidly-changing financial data. We see this as a great opportunity for those looking to break into the crypto and Web3 industry. ApeSpace is set to become a global leading platform and this will be sure to open future doors for you.


Our frontend is built using the Svelte component framework with the SvelteKit application framework. It is deployed following CI/CD principles.

Must haves…

For you to know if this role is right for you, there are some “must haves”. 

  • Demonstrable experience using Svelte and SvelteKit/Sapper in a professional environment

  • Experience with data-intensive frontend development including live data feeds (APIs, WebSocket) and managing complex user interactions.

  • Experience with modern Javascript and Typescript.

  • Experience with HTML and CSS.

  • Experience with Git and GitHub including managing branches and pull requests.

  • Proven experience working as a Frontend Developer and/or a portfolio of work.

Bonus skills…

As we will be meeting a range of prospects for the role, these are some bonus skills that will rank highly with us:

  • An eye for design with the ability to create mockups and prototypes

  • TailwindCSS experience

  • Cloudflare Pages and Cloudflare Workers or similar (Netlify, AWS Lambda etc.)

  • Experience with frontend user analytics tools

  • Experience with frontend testing strategies

  • Experience using Ethers/Web3.js/Viem

Expectations in the first 3 months…

  • Take the lead on building new features and pages for our web application

  • Contribute to key decisions concerning the frontend design

  • Create a library of reusable components for the application

Hiring Process:

  • On selection, we will reach out for an initial interview.  This will be conducted by the Co-Founder responsible for Development.

  • If there is mutual interest we will want to conduct a paid mini-project with us to help evaluate the fit for you and us.  Simultaneously, if you can provide us with a portfolio of your work or open source code we can review.

  • Offer is made and onboarding as soon as possible after offer acceptance.

About ApeSpace


What is ApeSpace:

ApeSpace®  is on a mission to build trading tools for DeFi, leveraging the fastest, most accurate blockchain data available.

Our tools are designed to help our customers beat the market.

With over 1,100,000 monthly customers, we provide a safe, fast and accurate platform for crypto enthusiasts.

Background Of ApeSpace®:

Born out of frustration…

ApeSpace® was born out of the frustration of its Founders’ experiences with the popular  price data analytics tools.  Many of the charting platforms are providing “real-time” data that is anything but real-time.  Often their “community ranking” sections, detailing the “trending” tokens are manipulated and even achieved for a fee - not reflecting the reality of a token.

Clients not users....

This leads users of these platforms to make decisions based on slow data (that’s not reflecting real-time) and taking positions on tokens that are anything but trending.

ApeSpace® is designed to treat “users”, as they should be, like clients. We are client obsessed and are developing our tools to give the most accurate, timely and uncorrupted rankings of tokens in the DeFi space. 

Scam busters…

We are committed to detecting and eliminating scams in the DeFi space, including “rug pulls”, “honey pots” and “pump-and-dumps”.  Our clients can use our tools, knowing that we are doing everything possible to help them beat the market and not fall prey to it.

Who We Are:

Self financed…

ApeSpace® is a self-financed entity, housed under a British Virgin Company, called Innovative Fuse Ltd..  It has been a deliberate decision of the Founders to not bring outside funding to  ApeSpace®.  This allows us to maintain our own timetable, 100% control of our product and a commitment to never make decisions based on striving for  a larger exit evaluation at the sake of a client’s experience while using ApeSpace®.

Three Founders…

The three Founders are led by a visionary in the DeFi trading tool space, who has identified functionality and features that will minimize risk and provide the highest degree of safety for those new and experienced in the DeFi  space.

The three Founders bring a wealth of experience, motivation and enthusiasm to bear on this project.

Between them, the Founders have over 25 years in entrepreneurship with multiple 7 and multi-8 figure businesses across a broad range of industries.  In all the businesses the Founders have been involved in, there has been a focus on customer obsession.

We believe when a customer or client selects to utilize our services, we have an obligation to them, to provide the highest quality of service and care.  This is not corporate jargon, but a core tenant that has guided multiple businesses we have worked on for over 20 years.

Experienced business leadership…

The Founders have been either founded, partnered or co-founded businesses that have included launching the first mobile phone and outdoor digital display interactive games - with clients including Quiksilver, Japan Fashion Week, MasterCard and Paramount Pictures, running a digital agency focussing on digital lead generation for the financial services industry, Partnering at an Executive Search firm specializing in building Executive teams for foreign capitalized companies operating in the Asia markets, co-founding online training and education businesses, co-founding a wedding services business conducting up to 400 weddings a month and partnering in a private multi-7 figures DeFi services business with the partners responsible for developing and deployment of services.

We bring decades of business leadership experiences and fiscal responsibility to ApeSpace®.  

Why Join Us:

ApeSpace® occurs fully remote working opportunities and is flexible with contracting to either individuals or corporate entities.  Engagements and hiring is done by a partner firm known as Operanti PTE. LTD. based in Singapore. Join us to be in an environment where you will:

  • Work in a truly collaborative organization;

  • Experience driven and results focused projects;

  • Enjoy the culture of continuous improvement and learning;

  • Not be subjected to work-place politics and credit taking; and

  • Be in at the ground floor of a future tool that will be a standard for others to emulate.

What we want for you:

Everyone that joins ApeSpace, in any capacity, we strive our best to ensure you get to:

  • Enjoy and challenge yourself;

  • Learn from our experiences;

  • Teach us what we don't know;

  • Contribute to decisions which set our direction;

  • Be at the forefront of blockchain adoption.

Where this role can lead:

Our goal is to ensure that all the people that work with us are able to contribute to ApeSpace in a meaningful way.  We also recognise that members will move on from ApeSpace in the future.  We strive that when that occurs, it’s a positive experience for all.  So we will do all we can to give as much as we gain from those that give their effort to us.  When departing ApeSpace you will have:

  • Proven experience working with the latest frontend technologies being utilized in crypto;

  • Access to a new and rising industry with a lucrative job market;

  • Tangible achievements to add to your portfolio of a well known brand ApeSpace!

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  • Salary
    70K - 80K USD a year
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