Frontend Engineer, Design Systems (m/f/d)


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What’s your job?

As a Frontend Engineer Design Systems, you’ll be part of our remote-first, cross-functional product development team, consisting of product managers, designers, testers, and developers. You’ll work on improving and extending our internal design system called Bliss. Bliss is powering all kinds of different areas of the BRYTER platform and has become an essential part of how we design and develop solutions for our customers.

In this role you will help make concepts, design, and also develop components for Bliss. This role is also about improving our designer developer collaboration, which includes participating in design critiques about Bliss components, improving the Bliss toolkit, and contributing to better guides and documentation, to make the usage of Bliss as straightforward as possible.

Your Profile

👉 Deep Frontend knowledge

At its core, Bliss offers a framework-agnostic component library, which only relies on HTML and (S)CSS – this is our foundation. You are experienced with these technologies and know what to focus on when building semantic, performant, and accessible components.

👉 Experience with building component-based web applications with a modern JavaScript framework, such as React or Vue

You already built component-based web applications with a JavaScript framework like Vue or React. You know how to build a component API for easy reusability (e.g. with props).

👉 The intersection between design and development

You are a developer who cares about good user experience and detailed design. As part of this you have an understanding of good design and love to collaborate with designers to come to a perfect solution.

👉 You think in systems

You know that a design system is more than just components and you’re ready to contribute beyond software development by creating concepts, doing research, and helping prioritize different needs and requests. Your objective is to deliver a toolkit that helps developers and brings value to our customers.

👉 Ideally, you have…

  • Worked with and on a design system already
  • Experience with testing practices in frontend codebases
  • Experience with accessibility standards
  • Experience with build tools like Webpack
  • Experience with building performant frontends
  • The ability to handle a large volume of stakeholder input

We love working with people who are eager to learn, so please do apply, even if you haven’t worked with our choice of frameworks before.

Why should you apply?

  • You will become part of a caring community
  • You will work with colleagues who care about the product
  • We will support you in becoming the best version of yourself – by providing challenging work, colleagues who you can learn from, as well as a personal conference and training budget
  • You will not only make an impact on the core product but all kinds of different aspects of the BRYTER platform, which is using Bliss
  • You will contribute to our product from day one

This job is not for you

If you reside outside of CET +/-4h time zones, and if you haven’t yet contributed to a single-page application, that’s running in production.

How to apply?

Start a conversation by reaching out to us 📧. Just say hi, why you’re interested in working with us and please send along your CV.


We enable business experts to build and distribute powerful applications. Our software is intuitive and simple enough for non-IT-experts to understand within minutes, yet powerful enough and enterprise-ready for industries with complex reasoning and demanding use cases.

We especially cater to experts in law, finance, tax and compliance by helping them automate and standardise decision making.

We are a remote-first Software-as-a-Service company, with people across Europe. At BRYTER, we believe in the power of self-organising teams and that everyone can be a leader. That’s why we strive for a way of working that reduces unnecessary burden and instead focuses on delivering value.

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