Javascript-native mobile app developer. ERC20-based mobile wallet app


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We're looking for an experienced front-end developer that can help us bootstrap the development of an ERC20 mobile wallet app based on a javascript-native approach (React-native or vue-native)

The assignment will initially be on a project basis, with the future option of joining our internal team in Barcelona, Spain.

Depending on your experience in working with blockchain-related projects, the scope of the assignment could include of the token-specific blockchain interactions based on web3.js or be limited to the development of the UI flows based on an existing UX prototype.

About Clovr

Clovr is building the iGaming token that will bring real blockchain adoption. Our decentralized rewards protocol provides a native incentive to use Clovr as a cross-operator, end to end currency that isn't just another speculative asset.

Our mission is to provide a cohesive, engaging and value-adding user experience to anyone, not just the crypto adopter.

We believe in a lean approach to developing products. Respect for people and continuous learning are integral parts of who we are.

Our leadership group is made of seasoned tech entrepreneurs and industry experts with a successful track of record

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