Head of Engineering


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Finmo is a tax solution dedicated to helping the challengers, independents, and self-starters of the world build their financial success. We empathise with the day to day struggle of sole-traders, freelancers and those with a side business.

We understand the immense satisfaction and equally immense pressure that comes with being your own boss. Financial Services – bankers, insurers, lenders, and accountants – make it tougher and more expensive, not easier and cheaper, on the self-employed. We aim to fix that.

In the UK, there are 3.1 million sole traders who are a subset of 5.5 million micro businesses (0-9 people). This population has grown over 60% since 2000 and represents 33% of the UK employment market and 22% of the total cumulative turnover of all businesses in the UK.

Finmo is backed by VC and Angel investors and was incubated at Founders Factory. The current team of five has built a mobile app available to download on iOS and Android as well as a web app.

This is an incredible opportunity to add significant value and contribute to the success of self-employed people - a group often ignored and overlooked. It is equally an opportunity to get involved at the very early stages of a business to own and build out the technical strategy.

The Role

We are looking for a great Head of Engineering to lead the engineering efforts of the current apps / portals as well as the future roadmap of engineering.

To be clear, this is an ‘in the weeds’ type of job where your time will be spent on engineering and 20% of your time will be spent on strategy and high level decisions. Post seed round of investment will see a build out and expansion of the tech team.

Responsibilities include:

  • building a high-performance mobile and web application,
  • working with the team to design product work-flow & process,
  • developing software engineering processes (design, build, quality, maintenance).

Responsibilities will grow and evolve based on interests, capabilities and growth needs of the business.


  • Good communication and be able to describe technical solutions to all audiences
  • Ability to translate strategic business objectives into technical deliverables
  • Technical management experience
  • Track-record of product delivery
  • Enthusiastic about defining and cultivating a iterative improvement product-oriented engineering culture
  • Experience of multi-disciplinary teams that have worked on a diverse set of full stack technologies including experience with web, mobile and data
  • Experience working with designers to create static and animated applications on web, mobile and API security vulnerabilities
  • Skilled in a variety of programming languages, e.g. Javascript, Python, Java, or Swift
  • Knowledgeable of a range of modern web or mobile frameworks, e.g. React, Angular, Django, Rails, iOS, or Android.

Desirable Skills

  • Adaptability, you should be equally happy thinking strategically as you are delivering great code
  • Growth mindset, you should display eagerness to learn and pick up new technologies quickly
  • Enthusiasm, you should be excited about business building
  • Work style, you should have the ability to work autonomously
  • Passion, you should desire to contribute to team and company culture
  • Challenge, you should have the courage to voice contrary opinions in a constructive way
  • Helpfulness, you should be eager to pitch in with a range of activities to help the company grow

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