Javascript Developer


Wrocław, PL
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You are - ideally:

  • Extensively experienced and have killer abilities with HTML, CSS and modular JS.
  • Familiar with various HTML5 APIs.
  • Experienced with ECMAScript 2015(or newer).
  • Careful about application architecture and organization of your code.
  • Experienced with any modern client-oriented JavaScript frameworks or libraries (Angular, React, Ember, Vue.js).
  • Aware of JavaScript design patterns.
  • Skilled with HTML and CSS preprocessors.
  • Aware of state management patterns and solutions.
  • Have general understanding of front-end development tools like webpack and Babel.
  • Fluent with responsive webdesign.
  • Knowledgeable about SVG and data-driven UI.
  • Experienced with testing methodologies dedicated to the front-end world (JS Unit tests, E2E tests).
  • Equipped with real-world git experience.
  • Comfortable with a highly iterative agile methodology that includes providing time estimates and managing feedback loops.
  • Communicating well in English (both written and spoken).
  • Ready to discuss and iterate over your ideas during code reviews.
  • Ready to improve your knowledge and follow trends of modern FE technology.
  • Like Mondays as much as Fridays :)

Big +

  • Experience in JavaScript-based mobile development (React Native, Hybrid apps, PWA, etc.)
  • Active in developer communities and open source projects.
  • Basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails.
  • Familiar with JS development for NodeJS platform.
  • Deep curiosity for user experience and crafting products that delight.
  • Experienced with scaling Single Page Applications.
  • Aware of reactive and/or functional programming paradigms.
  • Experienced in working with real-time data.

You will:

  • Create and maintain scalable, tested Single Page Applications.
  • Work in a highly collaborative team with fellow designers, project managers, backend, QA and front-end developers on state-of-the-art web products.
  • Drive innovation and improvements in our projects and development processes.
  • Learn & grow with other team members during our knowledge sharing sessions.
  • Jointly define developers’ best practices
  • Be a mentor for other, less experienced developers
  • Be a vital part of our code review process
About Monterail

We are Monterail. A team of developers and designers building beautiful and meaningful software everyday. We work with clients around the globe. We help businesses of all sizes in all continents with high profiled Ruby on Rails and JavaScript development skills as well as strong product and UX design expertise.

We are continuously expanding our projects portfolio by developing our current business relationships, increasing the complexity of our services as well as acquiring new clients. However, we are not planning to grow exponentially as we wish to preserve our culture along the way. Instead, we aim to achieve sustainable growth over time, focusing on hiring the best people and making it a natural process when new team members show up.

We are looking for a Javascript developer to join our team and help us create elegant and efficient web applications.

  • Company
    Website  •  Twitter
  • Location
    Wrocław, PL
  • Type of Position
  • Salary
    5 000 - 10 000 PLN net on B2B (Faktura) or 4 100 - 8 300 PLN gross on an employment contract (UoP)
  • Published
    7 months ago

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