Frontend Developer - Svelte (Innovation Mapping)


Blackfriars, London, UK
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We are looking for an exceptional individual to work on frontend development in the innovation mapping team within Nesta’s Research Analysis and Policy department.

How we work

Nesta’s Innovation Mapping team uses new data sources, data science and machine learning methods and ways of presenting information to inform research and innovation policy.

We believe research and innovation policy can be transformed by more sophisticated mapping of innovative activity, and of the people and organisations behind it, ultimately making it smarter, more inclusive and fitter for the future.

We work closely with policymakers across the world to explore these opportunities, and share our work through interactive visualisations, open data and open source tools. We also organise interactive sessions and training to introduce policymakers and others in the ecosystem to new data methods and identify how they could help address burning questions about where, when, how and why innovation is happening, and how to support it more effectively.

We have applied these techniques in a wide range of contexts for a variety of policy questions. Notable examples include using web data to study the immersive economy in the UK, mapping AI research globally using text mining and machine learning, analysing open research collaboration data to visualise Wales’ innovation system, and producing comprehensive analyses of the geography, evolution and drivers of the creative industries in the UK. These examples signal the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the development of innovation policy that is evidence-based.

We are currently developing new innovation indicators for the EU, monitoring the development of advanced technologies for EU industry, mapping health innovation across the world, mapping innovation in Scotland and measuring innovation in the News and Journalism sector as part of the recently announced Future News Pilot Fund.

Your work

You will be involved for frontend development for the web apps created by Nesta’s innovation mapping team working closely with Luca Bonavita, our Data Visualisation Development lead. This involves development and testing of web applications consuming data from REST APIs of various sources (the most important one being our Data Production System), and transforming it to make it available to components, using Svelte and modern Web APIs like HTML, CSS, SVG, Canvas, and others.

The Team

  • The role is in the Innovation Mapping team within Nesta’s Research, Analysis and Policy Department.
  • You will work closely with other functions in the innovation mapping team including data developers, data scientists and user researchers.

The Role


  • You have a good knowledge of Web APIs (like HTML, CSS, SVG, Canvas, and others)
  • You know Svelte and Sapper and you know how to write web components
  • You know rollup/webpack/gulp; you are proficient with the npm ecosystem and you are able to evaluate and learn new libraries and APIs
  • You are able to consume data from a REST API, directly or using GraphQL or other methods
  • You know the Mapbox API and other tile based mapping libraries (Google Maps, Leaflet, Openstreetmap)
  • You use functional programming principles to transform data
  • You test your code
  • You can build responsive websites for mobile devices
  • You like building accessible and performant websites


  • You know or have an interest to learn State machines
  • You know or have an interest for WebGL and VR
  • You would like to build something new and innovative
  • You have an interest in social science and informing policy with better data

How to apply

For further details about this post, and to apply, please complete the application form on our website.

The closing date for this role is 7th of October 2019, 8:00am.

Nesta is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion - we welcome and encourage applications from everyone.

Please note: After the job advert closes, your answers will go through a sift process: randomising and anonymising answers for taking out individual information that biases hiring decisions and facilitating us to review each answer by more than one person so you can benefit from the wisdom of the crowds. People scoring the applications will not have seen your CV at this stage so please try your best to answer questions without rephrasing your CV, they will see this later! Click here to know more about the principles behind the blind review process.

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    £37k-£53k, plus excellent benefits
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    7 months ago

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