Vue.js Full Stack Web Developer

Schema App

Guelph, Ontario - Remote
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  • Location - Remote (within Canada).
  • Type - Full-time, permanent.

We are looking for a skilled Vue.js developer with a background in PHP too. You will help us build and maintain products that dynamically translate billions of web pages into ML and AI ready Schema Markup. You will help us build the knowledge graphs to realize Tim Berners-Lee's original vision of a truly semantic web. Working in a Data Centric, Graph Database driven environment, your expertise will help us solve hard semantic web problems, including crawling and parsing unpredictable million-page client websites, dynamically generating highly valuable structured data ready for search, and so much more.


  • Are considerate and curious.
  • Bring a friendly, supportive and positive attitude to those you live and work with.
  • Design and implement awesome Object Oriented software in Vue.js, JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Have experience implementing and maintaining PHP and GraphQL API endpoints to support your frontend work.
  • Have a quality minded approach and rigorously apply automated testing.
  • Can take requirements, research options, and implement a solution that will satisfy your users and fellow developers.
  • Appreciate the benefits of Software Design Patterns and apply them to construct robust and reusable application code.
  • Create reusable components, and refactor existing components for reusability
  • Are able to effectively debug code across multiple technologies (JavaScript, PHP, etc), and familiarity with the required tools for doing so
  • Have a robust understanding of web technologies (XPath, GraphQL, REST, etc.)
  • Enjoy the ability to work independently and in teams.
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently with both technical and non-technical people.
  • Have a Computer Science degree or similar, and at least two years of professional experience in a relevant field.


  • Are constantly learning and improving ourselves, our products, and our practices.
  • Aren’t afraid to try something new.
  • Care about your values and approach.
  • Respect time off and time out.
  • Are exploring and building new products every day.
  • Are growing.

How our team responded when we asked them why they like working at Schema App:

  • “Life/Work balance is a priority with weekly one-on-one meetings ensuring that the team’s head and hearts are doing well and we are set up for success.”
  • “By far it’s the people. I think we have a great team who respect each other and spontaneously collaborate - truly smart people, and, well, sensible and personable management. The corporate culture isn’t forced, it’s natural."
  • “Schema App lets you shine. The management team uncovers your strengths and enables you to do work in areas that you naturally excel. This kind of cooperation, support, and empowerment has built a team of individuals who are both passionate and skillful in their roles, making for an incredibly positive and relaxed work environment.”
  • “It’s exciting! We have amazing people, awesome solutions and we’re winning daily!”

Life as a Schemer:

  • Schema App is based out of Guelph, Ontario and we offer flexibility to choose remote (within Canada) or in office.
  • You will have the opportunity to grow in your role and within the organization as career growth and development is one thing we focus on at Schema App.
  • Between our weekly 1:1, Career Logbooks, Quarterly Development Goals - we are invested in helping you grow to have an awesome career at Schema App.
  • On top of competitive pay (based on regular market review and candidate’s experience) we offer generous benefits for health & wellness and your coverage starts as soon as you do.
  • We respect time off, and believe in taking breaks from work to get rested and rejuvenated. Our leaders walk the talk, booking vacation days, and making sure they can stop work each day at a reasonable time to have additional life interests.
  • We are a diverse, motivated, and smart team that encourages people to have opinions and bring their whole selves to work. This is something we are very proud of!
  • We are privately owned, no VC setting our agenda or goals. We grow the business how we want to grow the business!
  • Finally, our teams take time to make meaningful connections, whether that be as a company or within our smaller teams at outdoor get-togethers, over virtual lunches, or in our special interest chats.

Schema App is an equal opportunity employer, we aim to offer equal employment opportunities to employees and applicants without regard to race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, family status or disability.

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