Remote Cloud Native Engineer


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We are looking for a remote, experienced Cloud (native) Engineer that believes that public cloud, open source and cutting edge cloud native principles can help developers release faster and release better software that is secure, scalable and reliable.

You will become part of a distributed, diverse and international team that tries to be a different kind of company. Check out our jobs page for more on that.

Note that we are looking in the timezones between UTC-4 and UTC+3 to keep things practical.

What you’ll be doing

Depending on your specific skill set, passions and desires you’ll be tasked with a combination of any of the following:

  • Support developers in using the platforms we build and making the right decisions
  • Providing customers with expertise, guidance and engineering services (as part of ongoing commitments or consulting projects)
  • Setting up and maintaining platforms for customers
  • Ensure the operational availability, performance and efficiency of the various platforms we build
  • Researching, designing and implementing reference architectures and components based on the technologies we use (Kubernetes, serverless, open source)
  • Increase the automation of everything we do by codifying operational best practices
  • Participate in a (weekly) 24/7 rotation and some other non-24/7 shared roles
  • Occasional travel to meet colleagues, attend events and customers.

What we are looking for

The expertise and skills we’re looking for:

  • Amazon Web Services architectures for modern web applications (EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, ECS, EKS, S3, etc) holds no secrets for you
  • You are a wizard of the clouds employing such spells as infrastructure-as-code (Terraform) and using versioning (GitHub)
  • Excellent Linux-fu skills (command line, tools, scripting, networking, etc)
  • Ops: troubleshooting and fixing running systems make you feel like a ninja
  • Captain of containers: you have hands-on experience with deploying and managing containers
  • Modern web-app workflows and architectures makes you warm inside: CI/CD, 12-factor app and containerisation

The more fluffy things we like (aka soft skills):

  • Excellent communicator using English: well considered, constructive, clear, no-bullshit and transparent communication through text and voice. (don’t worry about your accent, we all have one ;-) )
  • Be able to cope with change and ambiguity. You better be ready for that as it is not only a reality in our company but also in the world around us.
  • Passionate about technology, cloud and devops: you can't stop learning and have a desire to continuously want to stay on the cutting edge.
  • You think independently and take responsibility for the overall success of the organisation and have the maturity to speak your mind in a constructive way.
  • You are utmost professional in all the work you do by taking responsibility and delivering quality work at all times.
  • Transparency in work and people don’t scare you so we all have the information we need to get things done, grow and support one another.
  • You are absolutely respectful of everything and everybody. We embrace diversity.
  • Being a teamplayer comes naturally to you. You enjoy participating fully in all team activities and don’t hesitate to support others when needed.
  • You strive for wholeness in everything you do, both professionally and personally.
  • Be a self-starter: without anybody telling you, you know what to do today, you know where to search for the information you need to learn/get things done and you are not afraid or too proud to ask for help because you can’t possibly know everything.
  • Customers (Developers, CTO’s, etc) don’t scare you. Speaking with them, helping them out, whatever technical level they may be at, is no problem for you.

Bonus points can be achieved if you:

  • Know and have deployed/used/managed Kubernetes clusters in production
  • Have experience with building and managing serverless applications with eg. AWS Lambda
  • Have experience with Google Cloud and more specifically GKE
  • Have experience with Azure Cloud and more specifically AKS
  • Have a strong community involvement (open source, meetups, etc)
  • Have relevant certificates from AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and CNCF
  • Have a lot to say about CI/CD, developer workflows and (cloud) application architectures
  • Are a good Dutch, Spanish or Portuguese speaker (we’d like to expand in these markets)

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