Senior Frontend Engineer


New Delhi & Bangalore
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TL;DR: We're looking for an exceptional Senior Frontend Engineer to join our Engineering Team and help us take our products across the world! 🚀

About our Frontend Engineering Team

Frontend Engineers at SocialCops are responsible for much more than just implementing visual elements that users see and interact with in a web application. Our team works on building world-class user experiences for our customers across the globe, along with building great developer experiences too. We collaborate closely with others in the Product and Engineering Teams to build, test and release new features. At the core of everything, we build for the users. This means also working with the Sales and Marketing Teams to optimize the product to fit business needs.

We are a small team solving big challenges. Hence, everyone in the team has a lots of ownership over the product and a say in the product roadmap. You can read here more about our products Transform & Collect.

We use Vue, Backbone and Electron to create interactive web and desktop applications that help our users easily collect and manage their data at scale. We test our products before deploying using Jest and Cypress.

What you will do

  • You will collaborate with diverse team members, analyze product requirements, and implement elegant scalable solutions.
  • You will build libraries, reusable components, and frameworks that support complex web applications.

You will be perfect for the role if ...

  • You have experience working on large scale software products.
  • You have experience in optimizing application performance.
  • You have a strong awareness and keep up to date with the latest industry trends and developments.
  • You have experience with multiple frontend frameworks or are proficient in at least one frontend framework.
  • You have a knack for experimenting and trying out the latest technologies.
  • You have strong critical thinking skills — i.e. you demonstrate the ability to deconstruct a problem into its base components and figure out the most effective way to solve it.

Brownie Points

  • You understand the basics of UI/UX principles and frameworks.
  • You have a disciplined approach to writing unit tests and ensuring code quality.
  • You have excellent communication skills.
  • You are not afraid to jump into the backend code for a quick fix.
  • You have contributed to any frontend open source project.

Is this role not an exact fit?

Send us an email anyway. Write to us on, and we'll see what we can do for you. You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter here to stay updated about future opportunities, resources, open-source projects, and updates from our team.

Ready to apply? Apply now! We are processing applications on a rolling basis.

Need more details about our hiring process? Read this blog:

About SocialCops

SocialCops is a data intelligence company that is empowering leaders in organizations in more than 150 organizations in over 35 countries across the globe including the United Nations and Unilever. As a fast-growing tech startup, SocialCops was recognized in the list of Technology Pioneers 2018 by World Economic Forum and by the New York Times in its list of 30 global visionaries. We were also part of the Google Launchpad Accelerator 2018. Aasaanjobs named SocialCops one of the best Indian startups to work for in 2018.

SocialCops Engineering Culture

At the core of our engineering culture is a deep passion to build products that create infinite value and leave a lasting impact on the lives of millions of users. Joining SocialCops won't be like joining any other tech company. Instead, be prepared to join a tech community.

  1. We're a big supporter of tech communities in Delhi and regularly host top meetups, including the Google Developer Group, Elastic User Group and PyData. (Join us for a meetup!)
  2. Our first and foremost engineering commandment is “Coder != engineer.” Read our 10 engineering commandments here.
  3. We love contributing to the awesome open-source community! Check out our open-source projects here. One of our recent projects Camelot was trending on HackerNews and Github.
  4. We push each other to learn and grow to our full potential. Be prepared to give your best in our product demos, monthly engineering demos and regular hackathons.
  5. Read 20 twitter handles that our Engineering Team swears by!

Check out our engineering page for a complete overview of our engineering team and culture.

At SocialCops, we are committed to building a great company — a company that enables leaders to make better decisions, inspires people from across the world, and builds an ecosystem for people to thrive. This is driven by our ability to build a great team that embraces people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, races, nationalities, religions, ages, gender identities or expressions, and everything that helps people around us be their own selves at SocialCops. We respect all kind of opinions, perspectives, and expressions at SocialCops, and believe that our workplace, customers, and community each contribute uniquely towards our mission of building a great company.

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