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London, UK - Remote
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In Surevine, we build autonomous teams underpinned by co-operation and trust. Those teams thrive on open and honest engagement between team-members; we are upfront and challenge each other which builds closely-knit teams.

For our teams to be truly autonomous, we need great Team Leaders: peers who can coach, rather than manage. Someone to take on the role of Scrum Master, spot areas for development in the team and keep the minds of people in their team focused on the work-at-hand.


Skills / Experience

  • Engineering > Whether it is design, development, testing or devops, you need to be hands-on and passionate about maintaining your technical skills.
  • Lead > You’ll have 5+ years experience helping teams reach their potential and delivering great technology using agile principles.
  • Remote > Remote team working is different to being co-located every day; you’ll appreciate this as your remote working experience will demonstrate.

The job

Scrum Master

Projects are brought to teams, and teams deliver those projects with a high degree of autonomy. The Team Lead is part customer facing; agreeing communications, project and sprint backlogs – in much the same way that a Scrum Master role is classically defined. They will report progress, dependencies and impediments not only to the customer but within Surevine, and will monitor and control project spend.

Performance Manager

The Team Lead is responsible for building a strong, enduring and cross-functional team. As such they are pivotal in supporting the development and performance of individual team members. Individual development is influenced by three factors: their strengths and potential talents; the needs of the team and our strategic direction.


The Team Lead will have a background in Agile software engineering. The Team will look to the Team Lead to assist decision making in terms of design, technology choice, processes and practices. Hands-on, they should be comfortable at the coal-face. The Team Lead will provide the team with clear vision and direction for any engagement.

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About Surevine

Surevine builds secure, scalable collaboration solutions for the most security conscious organisations; joining people up and enabling collaboration on their most sensitive information. Our systems are accredited to handle the most sensitive information, whilst still delivering an intuitive and engaging user experience which actively promotes participation; building smart, secure networks of connected people. Our own smart research and development and customer sponsored R&D into collaboration technology delivers constant innovation, building products born out of genuine user needs.

Reasons to join

  • Opportunity to work amongst a team of exceptional developers working on and with the latest technologies
  • Be part of an agile, delivery-focussed team with daily stand-ups, fortnightly sprints, and retrospectives
  • Our belief in self-managed teams and reliance on self-motivated people
  • Our Director’s aren’t hidden away. They are accessible and involved. They are our co-workers
  • Chance to work in an fast-moving innovative environment with some tough problems for you to help us solve
  • Everyone is provided with a budget to kit out their workspace and make it cooler and more productive than they would ever get in a corporate cube
  • We don’t wear suits (often)
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  • Location
    London, UK
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  • Salary
    £45k - 65k
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    6 months ago

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