Senior Laravel Developer



WatchCrunch is looking for a kickass senior Laravel developer to join our team 🚀

  • Role: Backend Developer
  • Where: Remote
  • Scope: Full time
  • Duration: Long term
  • Experience: 7+ years
  • Salary: Highly competitive

About WatchCrunch is an online platform for watch enthusiasts. We believe in transparency, collaboration and networked learning. Our team, although scattered around the world, is a tight knit, cohesive group of problem solvers exponentially growing smarter, faster, and stronger. We are looking for a Laravel ninja / superstar / rock star to join our team!

Your Role

You will be maintaining existing products as well as bringing new products to life. You need to be knowledgeable across the stack back-end, apis, databases as well as how to quickly and safely develop, test, deploy and maintain these products.

As a member of WatchCrunch's development team, you will also be responsible to research and evaluate new methodologies and technologies that improve the quality, reliability, and performance of the back-end department’s development systems and processes.


Who you’ll be working with.

You will be reporting to our CTO and work directly with our senior developer. You’ll also collaborate with fellow team members as needed.


You will be responsible for the following efforts at WatchCrunch:

  • Build efficient, testable, and reusable software modules under Laravel and PHP
  • Deliver efficient, self documenting code in a timely and efficient manner
  • Interact with 3rd Party APIs in a secure, reliable, and scalable fashion
  • Assist in solving complex performance problems and architectural challenges
  • Be able to plan, test and describe in detail your software solutions with other engineers
  • Provide excellent communication skills, reporting directly to the CTO.

Technical Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of PHP and Laravel
  • Have a test driven approach to software development
  • Able to demonstrate excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Sound understanding of object oriented programming paradigms
  • Familiarity with concurrent and parallel processing, preferably at scale
  • Understanding accessibility and security compliance over API’s
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, particularly Git
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

You would also ideally have

  • Familiarity with Heroku's services and Cloudflare
  • Familiarity with ScoutAPM / Newrelic / Datadog / Sentry / Papertrail
  • Good understanding of Redis and Postgress
  • Strong CSS and JS experience is a plus
  • Experience with Tailwind, StimulusJS and Turbolinks


No formal education requirements here. A computer science degree is nice, but a solid Bootcamp and related experience can work as well.

How to apply?

Send us an email with your CV to

Once we receive your email, we'll get in touch to schedule an interview. We make it a point to respond to new applicants within 24h.


Team WatchCrunch

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